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June, 2017

The inaugural Rock Fiesta was a huge success for the American rock en Español culture. The audience loved it and media praised it, placing the brand as the first U.S. Latino Campout Music Festival. First staged in West Arizona (Quartzsite) March 2016, this last March, tickets sold to fans in 21 states and other counties. From dozens of positive news articles, this is what the music world said!
Rock Fiesta Brings Latin-Rock Authenticity To The Arizona Desert
by MTV News Staff
The first-ever festival featured great performance after performance. And while the press took to calling Rock Fiesta the Latino answer to Coachella, in reality its totemic lineup and reigning spirit of chaos suggest a more apt Woodstock comparison.
Rock Fiesta organizer Hal Davidson entered the world of rock en español three years ago, when Monterrey, Mexico, rockers Kinky, with whom he’s worked as a promoter, showed him a pic of them performing in front of 80,000 people at Mexico City’s Vive Latino festival. “I saw that there was a major hole in the market and a really great opportunity,” Davidson tells MTV. “There’s never been a camp-out Latino rock festival in America before, or anywhere else in the world. We’re the first ones.”
“2016’s Rock Fiesta was a diamond in the rough.”
Rock Fiesta Spring Break 2016: Arizona to Host the Biggest Latin Rock Festival in the U.S.
By Editor AZLatinos.com
As the festival draws closer, the 115-acre Desert Gardens Show Grounds is transforming into a World Class festival site with large scale excavation and construction taking place in an effort to build a perfect 15-acre concert area containing; 47.4 tons of production, one huge double Main Stage, 770,000 watts of crown power inside of a state-of-the-art sound and lights array plus 2 LED-sound relay towers
"Thirteen and a half hours of rock in your face with no breaks for two days in a row,"
By Stephanie Sanchez KAWC
Davidson said. But would 3,500 local residents and seasonal RV living retirees be up for a three day Latin rock show? "We may have 50,000 Mexicans jumping up and down, screaming, drinking beer," Davidson said. "Do you realize that? Is that OK? Can we bring that? They said yes, bring it … we did and it was loved by all."

This was the first time ever Arizona had this type of festival.
Channel 12 NBC Arizona

Rock Fiesta was basically a Latin Rock Coachella and the energy was amazing. I call it the mini-Coachella with much potential for it to occur next year.
People -- and not only Latinos -- attended the festival from different parts of the world such as Chicago, Mexico, Guatemala, New York and Los Angeles, to name a few.
I interviewed a young man named Cesar, 22, from Sonora, Mexico. He told me how he packed up his bags, got on a bus with his passport and set up camp for the weekend at the Rock Fiesta campsitThe festival had two stages with live bands playing music back to back. 12 News had the chance to interview several iconic bands: Los Angeles' own Ozomatli, Alex lora from El Tri and S7N.
Not only did we get to interview, but also capture the essence of the ambiance: people cheering all day, vendors in every corner of the show grounds and even a Donald Trump piñata being passed around the crowd.
There were thousands of people on Friday leading up to Saturday. Let me just emphasize that by the end of the night, I could barely move through the crowds while trying to use Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram so our 12 News audience could be part of the fun as well.
We even did a 12 News Facebook live stream in bilingual for the first time and toured the show grounds along with a simple interview of why it meant so much for Latinos and more to unite at concerts like these.
At the moment, there is still no word if there will be a Rock Fiesta in 2017, but we are crossing our fingers that it will happen.
Latin Rock and Mexican Pride Combine at Rock Fiesta
By Sarah Bennett Phoenix New Times

Selling out, the flag was a huge success
Hundreds flying in the campground

More than Coachella, Rock Fiesta felt at times like Warped Tour with a pressing purpose.
In reality, Rock Fiesta — which we called “the Coachella of Latin Rock” for its twoday campout premise and impressive lineup of seminal Mexican acts — was never meant to be anything political. But how could the largest rock en Española concert on American soil not take on greater significance when it’s happening in a state that has historically passed and enforced some of the strictest antiimmigration laws that have only served to make life miserable (if not hostile) for its Latino population?
And who on Rock Fiesta’s organizing team could have predicted that after two years of planning, their festival would fall right in the middle of a racially charged election season. Beyond politics, however, the festival marked another major milestone for rock en español as a genre: Its U.S. audience is now formidable enough to sustain largescale music festivals.
… others with traditional pre-Columbian headgear and Mexican flags. Despite 100-plus-degree temperatures, everyone came ready to dance, mosh, and celebrate Mexico’s contributions to Latin rock on a level never before seen stateside.
Having Rock Fiesta as a one-day thing closer to LA might have allowed the event to sell out, but organizers took a big chance on presenting the bands over a multi-day format in Quartzsite, a town of a few hundred geriatric gem lovers no less than a two-hour drive from any major city. Given the impressive lineup and historic nature of the event, Rock Fiesta was wildly under-attended (20,000 were expected yet only around 4,000 tickets pre-sold); but this should not be taken as a failure.
The first Coachella missed its attendance goal by a similar margin and lost so much money it almost never happened again. What it lost in revenue, it made up for in precedent. Like Coachella, Rock Fiesta is only the start of something much greater.
By showcasing the splintering diversity of rock en español as a genre, Rock Fiesta laid the foundation for its inevitable entry into the mainstream American consciousness. It also demonstrated the continued need for festivals that fight the predominantly white status quo.




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